Enhance Website and API Security, Accelerate Performance

Secure, optimize, and elevate your web applications and data with our cloud-based platform. Tailored for publishers and ecommerce, we ensure robust security, monitor performance, and provide a seamless digital experience.

WAF Protection

Empower your website's security with our cutting-edge WAF 360 solution. Safeguard your digital presence against the ever-evolving threats of hacks, malicious robots, data scrapers, and DDoS attacks. Our robust Web Application Firewall (WAF 360) is your shield against cyber threats, ensuring the integrity of your online assets. Protect your business and users with confidence, leveraging advanced security measures designed to keep your website resilient and secure in the face of today's sophisticated online risks.

Attack Monitoring

Uncover the true power of real-time threat intelligence with our advanced security solution. Gain instantaneous insights into potential attacks, arming your defense with proactive measures. Identify the sources of attacks swiftly, allowing you to pinpoint vulnerabilities and fortify your digital fortress. Our comprehensive alerting options keep you informed at every step, ensuring you stay ahead of cyber threats. From instant notifications to detailed compromise reports, empower your security strategy with the tools needed to stay vigilant and responsive in the ever-changing landscape of digital security.

Incident Response

Elevate your website's defense strategy with our expertly managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) rules and lightning-fast real-time responses. Our team of seasoned professionals tailors WAF rules to your specific needs, offering a level of expertise that goes beyond generic security measures. Experience the peace of mind that comes with a proactive approach, as our system not only detects but responds to threats in real time. Trust in our specialists to stay one step ahead, ensuring your digital assets are safeguarded with precision and efficiency.

Cache & Performance Boost

Experience unparalleled website performance with our state-of-the-art solution – enjoy the fastest page speeds thanks to our highly optimized intelligent cache layer integrated seamlessly within WAF 360. Our cutting-edge technology not only ensures top-notch security but also maximizes your site's speed and responsiveness. The intelligent cache layer intelligently stores and delivers content swiftly, reducing load times and enhancing user experiences. Trust in our commitment to excellence as we seamlessly blend security and speed, providing your audience with a blazing-fast, secure browsing experience like never before.

Load Balancing & HA

Enhance your website's resilience and reliability by incorporating multiple backend servers and robust server failover configurations. With our advanced system, you can seamlessly add redundancy to your infrastructure, distributing the load across multiple servers for optimal performance. In the event of a server failure, our failover configurations ensure uninterrupted service, automatically redirecting traffic to available servers. This dynamic setup not only enhances your site's availability but also fortifies its stability, offering a seamless experience for your users. Trust in our cutting-edge technology to keep your online presence consistently robust and reliable.

Cost saving & SLA

Rest easy with our dedicated Emergency Response Service Level Agreement (SLA), precisely outlined and established through contractual commitment. Our robust SLA ensures a rapid and effective response to any critical incidents, providing you with the assurance that your concerns will be addressed promptly and professionally. By formalizing our commitment to emergency response, we guarantee a level of service that aligns with your business priorities, offering a structured framework for quick and decisive actions during unforeseen situations. Trust in our contractual guarantees to provide you with the peace of mind you need when it matters most.

Use Cases

Protect Scraper Bots

Allow access for reputable search engines like Google and Bing while safeguarding against harmful scraper bots.

Block Data Scrapers

Efficiently block unauthorized data scrapers, ensuring the integrity and security of your valuable content.

Reduce Server Costs

Minimize server loads and operational costs by strategically reducing unnecessary bot traffic, optimizing resource usage.

Visualize Traffic

Gain insights into your website's traffic composition by visualizing bot and human interactions, aiding in data-driven decision-making.

Filter Out IVT Traffic for Ads and Marketing

Enhance ad and marketing accuracy by filtering out Invalid Traffic (IVT), ensuring your campaigns reach genuine audiences.

Save Marketing Costs on IVT Ads Traffic

Optimize your marketing budget by eliminating costs associated with Invalid Traffic (IVT), maximizing the impact of your advertising efforts.


For Publishers

Enhance content security and protect against unauthorized data scraping, ensuring a trustworthy online environment for your audience.

For Marketers

Maximize ad and marketing impact by filtering out Invalid Traffic (IVT) and optimizing budget allocation, leading to more effective campaigns.

For Developers/IT Ops

Simplify operations by reducing server loads, optimizing resource usage, and gaining valuable insights into website traffic for strategic decision-making.

For Applications

Ensure the smooth functioning of applications by minimizing server strain and optimizing performance, creating a seamless user experience.

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